3 Reasons Woman Need To Go Vote!

Well my ladies, it is almost time to vote for the new President of the United States of America. Regardless of where you stand in politics, every single woman needs to go out and vote. This post is by no means to sway your decision on who to vote for. It is to inform you of why woman need to vote!

Okay, so why should you head out to the polls this November ladies? I mean the candidates we have are less than tolerable. But either way these are the two gems we have to pick  from. But lets just take in some facts shall we?

As woman there are struggles that men just do not face. For starters pay for men and woman are not even remotely the same. In reality woman are paid thousands of dollars less than men that hold the same jobs and do the same job functions. Fair, eh I don’t think so! We are still fighting this battle and slowly, very slowly winning it. Recently I have seen such an influx is #girlbosses. Woman that are taking charge and steam rolling industries that were previously run by men! YAS GIRLS!!!!

Here are 3 good reasons why you should vote in the election this year.

1) Woman, you are damn lucky.

If you pay the slightest attention to the news, you would know the struggles woman are still facing in different parts of the world. Overseas woman have no rights. No right to go to school, to wear what the choose and definitely no right to vote. Woman are looked at as a possession and not a person with a valid, intelligent opinion on anything. They are forced to wear clothing from head to toe, faces covered (suddenly school uniforms don’t seem so bad!) and it’s unacceptable to talk directly to males in many cases.

You can actually see this first hand in the United States as well. People that have a cultural background of woman not being important bring that mentality with them when they immigrate. I have first hand had to put a man in his place when he completely ignored me when I was speaking to him. Just to speak to my boyfriend behind me. Adam did give him the same answer which made it even worse! 

Though the struggles in the United States regarding woman equality is still something we face, it is nothing compared to what I just spoke of. I mean for God’s sake we have a WOMAN running for President!

2) Thing won’t change unless you make them.

Everyone in the peanut gallery can voice what they think should happen in our country. What they believe would make the land of the free because of the brave a grade A place to live. That doesn’t happen by small talk you have with your friends. You need to go out and do something about it. The Presidential candidates have voiced what they plan on doing to make our country “great again.” But that’s not something they can just do. They need us to back them up.

So what ever way your swing sways, you need to go and support what you believe is the better of the two. Each one has valid points on what our country is lacking. But sitting in your lazy boy recliner yelling at the T V screen will prove nothing come November. You then, if you do not vote have no room to complain about who is elected because you lacked the desire to vote. Sorry Sally tough shit. 

3) It is a right woman fought for.

WOMAN BEFORE US FOUGHT FOR OUR RIGHT TO VOTE! (yes I’m screaming!) Little history lesson. Voting has not always been a right woman held. (*GASP*) I know right! Crazy! But it’s true. Woman during the 1800’s were basically people who birthed children, cooked and cleaned. Opinions on any matter the was considered a male issues, such as politics, woman were not involved. 

A woman named Susan B Anthony was a highly educated woman and a leading figure in the woman’s rights movement. She along with her supporters of woman created American Equal Rights Association in 1866. In 1869, Anthony and another woman, Elizabeth Stanton ended up writing a weekly publication, The Revolution. In this publication it lobbied for woman’s rights. 1869 The Woman’s Suffrage Association was founded.

Anthony was tireless in her efforts to convince other woman to express that they had a right to vote. She even took it as far as voting illegally in 1872 in the presidential election. She was arrested, assaulted by the officers and ended up fighting the charges brought against her. Though her fight ended in a $100.00 fine that she never paid! (Take that Uncle Sam!)

Unfortunately Susan B. Anthony would not see her vision come full circle. In 1906 Anthony passed away at the age of 86. It was not until 14 years later that the 19th amendment  giving adult woman the right to vote was passed.

Moral of the story, get your asses out to vote. For woman before us have put it all on the line for us to be able to vote today. Do not take it for granted. Ever. 

So is that enough to get you to go out in vote? I hope it sure was because there is nothing more important then exercising a right we have earned and should be proud of. You should hold your head high, like the bad as you are and take that right to the polls!!! I’ll see you there!!

Stay Gorgeous!!



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