4 Things Holding You Back From Living The Life You Love.

So, you want to live the best life you possibly can right? But you don’t know how. Well, have no fear my dear I’m here to help you realize 5 reasons why things may not be going your way. Your job is recognize this, change it and then proceed to kick major ass at life!



This four letter word can make or break you. If you fear change or you fear of what comes next. You mind as well pack up your bags and find the next train to Sucksville! I’m sorry to be frank but fear is the biggest thing that keeps so many people from doing the things that they love.

So how do you conquer the fear? Face it. It’s that simple. You need to face what you are afraid of, look it in the eyes and say, “Bitch, I got this!” Get the I can do anything attitude. Once you get past the fear of doing something new, finding a new career or what ever it maybe things will fall right into place. Promise!

2)You Compare Yourself To Others

Dr. Seuss once wrote…


This is 110% true. No one out there in the world is just like you. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Just because someone on your Facebook page looks like they have the perfect life, I can assure you that may not always be the case. In our society we rate ourselves on how much we have, how popular we are and how many people like our pictures on Instagram. Not enough people value themselves they value more what other people have. STOP IT!

If someone you know know has an amazing car, travel all over the world and is living the life you want. Get off your ass and work harder for it! What is comparing your life to their’s going to do. Without a doubt the person that you envy busted their ass and still is busting their ass to become what they are today. They are constantly growing, looking for the next step to out do the one before. Staying up late working while your daydreaming about life. You can not be other people so stop trying to, stop comparing yourself to them. You can only be you, accomplish what YOU go after and be proud of yourself without feeling like you are in constant competition with someone else! After all once you get where your going it will all be worth it!

3)Lack Of Confidence

I have said this so many times but you need to be your biggest fan. Believe in yourself. Know that you are great before you even get to the point where other people know your great! People lack confidence for so many different reason but the most common is they don’t feel worthy. A lot of people think, well that person deserves that. Wait, why? Why do they deserve something and you don’t? What makes them so much better then you? NOTHING! That to me is an excuse. A cop out of actually chasing a dream that may be scary for you.

Have the confidence in yourself to know that you will accomplish everything you need to, want to and thing you haven’t even thought of yet! Don’t let people dictate how you feel about your dreams. Just because they don’t approve doesn’t mean they are right. Have enough confidence to say ” I get you opinion but I’m still trucking through with my plans.” Then use that lack of confidence they have in you, to fuel the confidence you have in yourself. The only person stopping you from achieving your dreams is you!

4)Lack of Motivation

Alrighty, you have decided to go out and chase your dreams down. You start off with a burning desire to take what you believe is your. So you are working as hard as you possibly could to make things happen. It’s a slow process though. Month’s end up going by and you don’t see the fruits of your labor. You are discouraged and put less and less work into reaching your goal. Before you know it your sitting in your ass eating popcorn watching The Kardashian’s live the life you want.

NOTHING in this life is given to you. You need to work your tush off to get what you want in life. And guess what? It won’t be easy! Your going to hit road bumps and have set backs. That’s part of the journey. But if you really want it and are motivated to create a life you love, nothing will stop you. Don’t let anything stop you. Your capable of anything you set your mind too.

I know most of us can relate to one or more the above categories. But it is solely up to you to create the best life. A life worth living. A life you love! You only have one life to live it! As always STAY GORGEOUS!



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