Favorite Forever 21 Jewelry!

To say that I love Forever 21 would be and understatement. I seriously think it is an amazing store that is affordable and has great items for sale! Whenever I walk in there or go shopping online I always find the best things! But the place can be a bit overwhelming. Today let’s break down my current favorite jewelry pieces!


Now I’m not going to lie. When I first tried on these ring I thought, who the hell would wear these. My thought was that they were uncomfortable and they looked weird. As the night went on they grew on I have been wearing them almost everyday ever since.

For me they are so easy to pair with outfits. Weather you are dressing up or dressing down they go with nearly anything!

Okay, so is anyone else super excited that choker necklaces are making a come back? My 12 year old self is currently jumping for joy! This necklace is life right now. I mean look at it. It’s simply gorgeous. Elegant and simple all in one. Not to mention it is 4.99 at Forever 21. SOLD! 

I LOVE earring. Unfortunately I don’t wear them as much as I would like because my 1 year old pulls at them. The top pair I picked up about a month ago and I wear them out all the time or for more casual outings. The bottom ones (sorry for the not so great picture) I wear to work all the time. Out of the two the bottoms ones are my favorite but I love them both. These earring aren’t heavy at all and completely comfortable. I get so many compliments on the both of them and usually get into a 10 minute conversation about them. Starting with…

 “I got them from Forever 21 for 3.99.”

I highly suggest you go to forever 21 to check out their accessories. They are super inexpensive and great looking. But do realize this stuff is fake. That means don’t shower with them on or sleep with them on. They will fade, and not look great as the day you first bought them!. Remember this is Forever 21 not Zales.

Well I hoped you like this my loves. As always STAY GORGEOUS!!