They aren’t stretch marks, they are battle scars!



If you read any part of my blog you probably already know I have 3 children. If you don’t, HELLO, and welcome.  My name is Elizabeth and I have 3 beautiful girls ages 6,3, and 1. Over the past 6 years I have shared my body 3 times with the little gremlins that run around my house driving me nuts! But also have stolen my heart!

But let me be real for a moment. If you have children you know your body is never the same after you have kids. I mean you can’t have a surprise sneeze or its very possible your going to be standing in a puddle! Or your little bundle of joy sucks your boobs dry and you end up with deflated boobies that hang. Have no fear they have bras made to lift and shape! Problem solved!! But what about the stretch marks. Oh god lord why do we have to get stretch marks!

During my first pregnancy I had one of my friends at work check my belly everyday for stretch mark and I made it almost the whole pregnancy without them. ALMOST! The last month my stomach looked like a railroad map and my belly button was the you are here sign. Devastated was not even the word. My life was over. My once perfectly flat stomach was destroyed. I was ugly. No one would ever want me. My modeling career that I had always dreamed of having and was well on my way to achieve it before I got pregnant was out the window. Not because I had a child on the way, but because my body was gross.

After having my daughter I lost all the weight the stretch marks never went away. I would always hear “Liz they aren’t that bad at all some people have it way worse then you.” Let me tell you how much that didn’t help! It didn’t matter if they were not as bad as someone else’s. These bad boys were on me! I didn’t want them there at all.

Over the years I have tried every single remedy out there to get rid of them. Until one day I thought, What the hell is the big deal. EVERYONE has something they aren’t good with. Girl you have amazing children, a family that loves you and friends that would do anything for you!

It took 6 years, but I finally was okay that they were my battle scars. By okay I mean I busted my ass to tone my body, which flatten my stomach a little more making the stretch marks less noticeable. I  strongly believe that you have to be okay living in your own skin. I was not okay with it and I needed to change something. Even though now a days the world is saying embrace yourself flaws and all, I was not willing to embrace something I was not proud of.


That is not to say I was not happy to be a mother. I was so happy to be a mother and I still am. I believe it is the most important job in the world. Stretch marks have no bearing on how good of a mother I am. But the way I looked at my body in a negative manner was rubbing off on my then 5 year old daughter and believe it or not my 2 year old daughter. I was not about to let that happen so I changed the way I looked at my body by doing something to make myself proud of it. The amount of work I put in and the sacrifices I made were all worth it to feel great again! I worked out to feel good again!


But at the end of the day if stretch marks are the only thing I have that I’m not too proud of,I’ll take it! There is so much negative and nastiness out there in the world. So many bigger and better things to worry about. Embrace what makes you happy. If you don’t like something, change it. Be what you want to be not what other tell you!





Balling In Pumps!


Over 5 years ago Adam  and I started talking over Facebook. We both liked the same T.V show, Entourage. If you do not know what that show is you need to stop, go find it and watch it. Like right NOW! The show is amazing, funny and we both loved it! We both also had a common love for football. Especially Giants football!!

So fast forward to the present time. Entourage has ended (insert dramatic sigh) and Adam and I have found a new show starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson called BALLERS! After  years of searching we have found our new addiction!

Quick Synopsis of the show. Dwayne Johnson a man called Spencer Strasmore who was a successful football player who is now retired trying to find the same success as a financial manager to current football players. He runs into so many issues. His past comes to bite him in the ass and it seems that he will never reach the same success and his career as a financial manager is over.

So why do you care? If you watch the show I think more people can relate to the characters and their struggles more than you think. Football players seem to have an easy job. They chase a ball around, knock people over in front of a roaring crowd and get paid for it. I mean it doesn’t get easier then that right? WRONG! These men bust their ass on and off the field and you never know what the day will bring. Who will bring their A game on your C- day. You can never falter because someone is right behind you trying to be the best.

But Liz, that’s football how does that even pertain to “normal” life. Well my dear here’s how. When you decide to be something or go after a dream there will be bumps in the road. Let’s say your dream is to be a singer.  You have a kick ass voice. You play at local bars, restaurants and events. You have a small fan base but it’s fan base nonetheless. You can’t  for a second think that there isn’t someone else out there in the world with the same goal as you, with the same credentials. You can never put your guard down. Fight for everything you have, fight harder then the person next to you. Because frankly if your goal in life isn’t to be the best you can be at whatever it is you chose to be you are wasting your time.


The football players in the show go through so much. From injuries caused by their own stupidity to their greed. Each person is fighting for the main spot. Any successful or person striving to be successful goes through the same thing. Injuries may not be physical, it could be a blow to your ego. Surprise!! You are not as good as you thought you were because the person before (who is acting like God more or less at the moment) said so. You have to change your approach come back stronger but never give up. You have to overcome the stigma that your goal is too hard to reach. I mean if football players did that we wouldn’t have America’s Greatest Sport around to spend thousands of dollars on, watch and act a fool over.

So let’s say you don’t follow my football theme I’m going with (I’m a HUGE football fan). Let me bring up bring names that fought for their success. These WOMAN set the tone for every woman to come. These icons busted ass in their highest pumps and proved that they could conquer a world predominantly run by men.

Cleopatra , the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt. Joan Of Arc, She inspired the French to revolt against Britain. Elizabeth I of Britain, restored her society and stabilized rule after the disaster that was Henry VIII.  Marilyn Monroe, the real first sex icon in the 50’s who also did tons of charity work. Audrey Hepburn, fashion icon and humanitarian. J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter who before found fame was as poor as you could possible be without being homeless. The list could go on. My personal favorite (other then Marilyn Monroe) is Coco Chanel, THE fashion icon who’s timeless designs are still seen and used around the world.

Do you get my point? All of these woman made history by busting ass and doing what other had not done or were to scared to do! I mean for the love of God Joan of Arc burned at the stake for doing what she believed in. You have it in you to be great!


Through your journey be tough, be strong and be kind. As woman we tend to get the reputation as catty, nasty bitches. Always trying to steal each others shine. So many woman drag others through the mud to reach the next step. Everyone needs help to be the best they can be, to reach their next level of greatness. Be that helping hand to another woman. Lift each other up, praise each other, encourage each other to be better. Stay humble when you have reach the top and help the next one behind you. Don’t forget that at one point you were the person that needed the help. Show our daughters what a real woman is like. Powerful yet willing to help those with less than what she has. That to me is the meaning of being powerful. Be a Baller, rich with kindness, knowledge and power!!!

Stay Gorgeous





Monday Vibes


Good Morning beauties and happy Monday to ya!! Its the start of  new week, fresh start and new goals! So grab your highest stilettos, matching bra and underwear and lets kill the day shall we!

This morning I want to talk about mindset. It’s super important to have the right frame of mind in the beginning of the week. It sets the tone for how your week is going to go. If you start Monday morning off with..

” I hate Monday’s! Who the hell thought it was a good idea to start the week on Monday’s!”

Most likely your day will be a shit show. Believe me I have lived it! But to get rid of the Monday blues, one must look at why they hate Monday’s. Now lets be real Monday is just a day. I can guarantee that if we started work on Tuesdays many would have the same attitude. Or better yet, if you are off on a Monday due to vacation or a holiday are you happy its Monday??

If the answer is yes then you probably need to look at your life and find out why Monday’s are an issue. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the problem is your job. Am I right? If I am you are doing yourself a disservice by staying at a job you hate. Life is what you make of it and if you have a poor attitude about where you spend 85% of your time, you have a problem.

I completely get that you need a day job to pay bill and support your family. But it is also important to not forget that you are also important. I think along the way, we tend to forget that happiness within ourselves is just as important as our kids, husbands/boyfriend or family.

So figure out what makes you happy. Weather is becoming a makeup artist or just starting a blog. Just take the first step. NOW! But yourself in the mindset that you can accomplish anything. Believe that you deserve the best. Put your goals in your head, see them come to life even if you have not accomplished them yet. There is really no time like the present. Life isn’t stopping because you are unhappy. Tomorrow will come regardless if you decide to do what you love or stay the same. Just make sure the life you are living is the best life you picture for yourself!!


I hope I inspired someone to be amazing!!! Have a wonderful day and STAY GORGEOUS!!!!




Parenting 101: What books don’t cover.


First let me start off with saying that behind every child is a mother that thinks she is screwing up so bad. Well that’s me today.

My oldest daughter and her father have not been together since she was 6 months old. I always thought that leaving when she was that young was good. She would never realize anything was different. She would grow up with mommy in one house and daddy in another. Today proved that I was wrong, so very wrong.

Recently Gabriella’s father and I have not been able to see eye to eye. Our relationship, if you can even call it that is not one where we like each other. I think Gabriella is starting to realize that. Which for her sake isn’t good. Believe me I am fully aware of how important it is to have two parents at least be nice to each other. But recently that has been hard. So hard in fact that I can’t even speak to him face to face. Yep, that petty. I also fully understand how ridiculous that is. But I can assure you it’s for the better if I say nothing. Because nothing is better than saying something I will regret later. Maybe not to him but for her I hold it together (for the most part).

My parents marriage was not a good one. And I promised myself a long time ago that I would never put my child through the hell I went through. So when I left Gabriella’s father I knew I was doing the right thing. I never thought 6 years later I would be explaining to a hysterical child why mommy and daddy aren’t together.

Why did I think that conversation was going to come up? Well I did, I just thought I had until at least 10 years old to figure out a speech and proper way to explain it. As you can probably assume, she asked me 4 years sooner then I expected and unprepared doesn’t even remotely describe what I was. Panic, shock, anxious and sick to my stomach sound more like what I was. I wanted to avoid the conversation all together. But I couldn’t. How fair would that be to her no matter how young.

In shock and stuttering like a blabbing fool I finally came out and said…….

“When two people don’t like each other, they go their separate ways. They move on with life and try  to be happy with other people.”

Ahh, good response. Thinking on your toes Liz way to go. I thought.

“But mommy you and daddy don’t like each other?”

Jesus Christ what the hell did I do! Way to go asshole!

” No honey that’s not what I meant. I mean when two people don’t love each other they move on and find different people to love.”

Gabriella looked at me and without skipping a beat said “Are you going to leave me when you don’t  love me anymore.”

I burst into tears. My daughter is trying to rationalize this whole thing and now she thinks I’m going to stop loving her! Dammit this part of life is not in any parenting book out there! But if it was this would be under, Parenting 101: How to fuck up an important conversation with a 6 year old . Shoot me!

“Baby mommy will never stop loving you so you never have to worry about that. Mommy and you will always be a team, I’ll always be here for you through good and bad forever and ever. Don’t ever think I don’t love you!”

She smiled at me and came in for the biggest hug and kiss I could have ever given her! I wish I could tell you the conversation was over. Because in my head years ago that’s the only question I pictured her asking. The next questions (Yes there was more than one!) were tricky.

“Mommy, why does Adam live with us? And why does Guiliana and Gracie have the same daddy and I don’t? Is he going to leave too?”

Deep breath Liz, you go this. They really were good questions for her age.

“Okay well Mommy and Adam love each other so we had Guiliana and Grace. Adam lives with us because mommy and Adam love each other and want to live together with our family. That is you, Guiliana and Gracie. And I don’t think we could get rid of Adam if we tried!”

She laughed and accepted that answer, for now.

I think as a parent you forget how little minds remember, associate and comprehend things. Our children are growing up in a world now that is more complicated, full of hate and violence then years prior. The world is a scary place and home needs to be a calm, relaxing, welcoming escape from that.

If I learned anything at all from this it was how important a parent role is. Your responsibility is to create a independent, confident, respectful, loving child to send out into the world. One that knows their purpose and knows their worth. Each child needs to feel loved and wanted regardless of the situation.

Lastly I realized how important is for me to have a positive attitude towards someone I can’t stand. You don’t have to necessarily like the person you have a child with. But in front of that child you must respect them. At no point should you cloud the image of the other parent. That’s not your job. If the other parent isn’t being the best parent in your eyes, you better believe later on down the road the child will see that. Let every child form their own opinion. If you don’t they will grow to resent you for letting them think something they may not agree with as an adult. Let your kids be kids and don’t let adult situations drag them down.


There is no book that can accurately say what you will endure as a parent. Just try your best and usually when it feels like your failing, your actually winning the parenting game!!!

Love your babies deeply and as always STAY GORGEOUS!!!!!



Anxiety and Depression. As if the world isn’t hard enough!


So many people have it. Not many speak of it. How you feel depends on how you deal with it. It’s ANXIETY and  DEPRESSION!!! Just saying those words gives me the creeps.

I have suffered from anxiety and depression for many many years. When I don’t have anxiety, I create it myself from made up thoughts in my head. Yeah I’m a freaking nut! Anxiety and depression at one point consumed my whole life. For a long time I had no idea how to change it, how to deal with it and NO ONE understood the level of anxiety that I had. I sought out counseling, got on medication, read books and nothing was helping.

Now before I go any further let me just take the taboo out of the counseling aspect. The other day I heard someone say that “counseling is for people that want to kill themselves and can’t control their lives. I’m not crazy!” Well good news, it’s not just for people that you consider crazy. I’m sure by now most of you know that life is hard. It only gets harder as you grow up and learn to “adult”, which by the way is way harder than anyone told us. Life stresses have a way of driving people up walls. Unexpected things happen and people just don’t know how to handle the new life thrust upon them. There is no reason to shy away or feel shamed for seeking proper help. It’s actually amazing that you realize you need the help instead of being self destructive. So those who seek help, good for you! I’m proud of ya!!

Almost three years ago my mother and sister moved away to Puerto Rico. If I had been single with no children I would have been on a plane with them. My mother adopted me at the age of 5 but was my foster mom starting at 3 weeks old. I may not tell her to often but without her strong will and assertive attitude I would not be the strong woman and mother I am today. I am so incredibly  thankful for this woman, she saved my life in so many ways.

When she moved away I felt like I had lost her. She wasn’t close enough for me for me to hug and kiss anymore. That was a huge blow. She was all I knew parent wise because my father lacked in parenting skills. By lack I mean had none. (Which really isn’t all his fault. He learned from a mother who didn’t know how to parent either. As much as I’m sure he hated it, he had her qualities. )

I was forced to live with the fact that my mother was 4 1/2 hours by plane in the middle of the Caribbean. “Great vacation spot!” people would tell me all the time. I wanted to punch these people in their throats! Their lack of understanding and way of trying to make me feel better just made it all worse. Also my Cousin, who was like a mother to me was moving to Florida that same week! Oh, and did I mention I was the mother to a 3 year old and a newborn, so hello POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION!!!!!!!

Postpartum Depression is currently in the headlines as more and more woman speak up and talk about this oh so real, debilitating condition. Being a mother who has suffered from this I will tell you there is no worse feeling in the world. NO ONE even begins to understand the feeling that you have going through your body. Nothing takes it away, nothing makes it better, no amount of love stops the crying. I suffered hardcore with this. I just went through the motions of what a day should look like.

  1. Wake Up
  2. Get Gabriella and Guiliana up
  3. Get Gabriella off to Preschool and Guiliana ready for her day with daddy
  4. Go to work and try not to have an anxiety attach
  5. Eat lunch
  6. Go pick up Gabriella
  7. Go home get dinner done
  8. Get girls ready for bed
  9. Shower
  10. Go to bed and pray you sleep enough to have the strength to do it all again tomorrow.

Yes, my days in my head were numbered as above and I literally just made it through each day by the skin of my teeth. Adam was there yes, but to me it was like he wasn’t. There were time when I didn’t want him to be, there were times when I didn’t want to be around either. I felt like someone deflated the balloon of life everyday! Please realize that though I felt this way, postpartum depression looks different in everyone.


“You may have too fight a battle more than once to win it”-Margaret Thatcher

If you have depression or an anxiety disorder you know how true this quote is. You fight a battle everyday to get out of bed, to go to work, to go out and socialize. But don’t doubt that you can be in a place without or with very little depression and anxiety. I’m living proof its something you can conquer, but only you can do it. You need to decide that this is the only life you get and be determined to make it the best life possible.

You deserve happiness within yourself and in order to do that you need to conquer your mind. I have said it a million times, Believe in yourself! Be your biggest fan. Look at the good in your life, always and put all your energy into the great aspects of your life. Am I saying there aren’t going to be bad days from time to time, no. I actually started writing this post because  currently I have so much damn anxiety I don’t know what to do with myself. So my way of taking control of it was writing about it. Ya know what? I feel so much better now that I have.

Take control of your life. Be  the amazing person God put you on this planet to be. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve, know anxety and depression does not need to control you! And most of all help those behind you who suffer from anxiety and depression. Those people need you, they need to know they are not alone in the fight to happiness. Be the one person that helps them through for you never know what other battles they may be fighting. You may save someone some day by just being kind.


This was so personal to write and I hope this helps someone along the line feel like they are not alone. As always STAY GORGEOUS babes!!



Motivational Monday!



Can you smell the fresh coffee brewing??? It’s Monday so I know most of us are dragging ass and need a little motivation to get us moving.

If you hate Monday’s, you probably aren’t alone. I used to be with you, but if you look at Monday’s as the day of new beginnings, the day of new goals, the start of a new week I guarantee you would look at Monday’s in a different way. So let’s take a challenge! Its going to be the…….

“Show Me What You Got Challenge!”

Here are the rules, EVERY Monday I challenge you to set a goal for the week. Write it down, mark it on a calendar or set an alarm. Monday – Thursday you are going to grind to meet that goal. Weather it be following through with a new cleaning schedule, new organizational strategy, new way to save money or start a new career. Anything goes, just make it something that you want.

 Next, post pictures on this post #showmewhatyougot. This could me a picture of your cup of coffee in the morning with a comment saying “liquid motivation” or something like that. Daily post a picture or comment what you did that day to make your end goal come to life. This is so that others can influence you, motivate you and give you POSITIVE feed back!

Lastly think of a long term goal that you want to accomplish. All these little steps should lead to that end goal. You can achieve anything you put your mind too!

So here we go! Ready, Set, Kick Ass!!!!





Be Fearless, Be Amazing, Be YOU!


Have you ever scrolled through your social media or spoke to someone at work and thought,

“Damn who spits in your coffee EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING?”

Like really, what is happening in your life that is making you act like a complete ass. Over the years I  have come up with two main reasons.

1)Sometimes its because people create their own storms and cry when it rains.

2)Sometimes its because life is just really hard. Maybe you have hit a point in your life that you feel you can’t escape. Like a bad relationship, money issues or issues at work. I get it, everyday isn’t a big ball of sunshine.

But I’m hoping the advice I’m going to give will put you in the frame of mind that you can clear the clouds and let the sunshine back in again.

First of all lets talk about people around you. People believe it or not can make you feel some type of way. We tend to feed off the energy that people put out into the universe good and bad. So if you are having issues with your boyfriend/ significant other, and you start talking to a person that is chronically single, what type of vibes do you think are going to be radiating off of her or him. I would put money on the conversation would go something have these key points….

“Leave that piece of shit.”
“You deserve better.”
“He/she is such an asshole!”

Which in turn probably makes you lean towards,

“You know your right. He is an asshole!”

Can someone tells me what that solved? Did you talk to your significant other about the issues? Did you think that maybe they are having a bad day? Possibly the person didn’t realize they hurt you and now your talking to Susie the chronically single who is making you rethink your relationship. Is it possible that the only thing your significant other did was leave the toilet seat up on accident with no malicious intent?. Now you run home and yell everything Susie stuffed in your head hours before and you look like a psychopath.

So number 1 evaluate who you speak to, hangout with or call friends. Maybe you need to clean up your circle of friends and get rid of the people who bring all kinds of negativity to your life. There is no space for negativity in your life, especially if your trying to be a happier person! So bye Felicia!


Second, be thankful for everything in your life. I wake up every morning thankful for another breath, my children, my boyfriend, my home, everything I have. I know it sounds so cliche, but there are people out there that are thankful for less than what you have. If you wake up every morning and think,

“Oh man, my life sucks. My car is a piece of shit, my job sucks, LIFE CAN’T GET ANY WORSE….”

So on and so forth, I can guarantee that something will go wrong. It doesn’t even need to be something your stressing about. I have been in places in my life where I was so unhappy. I hated life, I hated my car because it was falling apart, I hated coming home because the bills weren’t paid. I was just completely miserable. Then all of a sudden my hot water heater blows! It’s Karma, it feels all the negative energy you put out and basically excepts the challenge that your life can’t get any worse and BAM, you sneeze on your way to work and pee your pants! ( if you have kids you know what i mean!) Instead of waking up in the morning and being negative try,

” Today is going to be a good day. I’m thankful for all I have and I’m going out into the world being thankful for every breath I take.”

Try it and let me know how you feel in a month!!!

Three, be your biggest fan! Before starting my blog I was in such a funk. People would ask what I did for fun. When I couldn’t come up with something fast enough, the next response would be…

“Oh your a mom. that makes sense now.”

What the hell was  that supposed to mean? Yes, I am a mommy to three beautiful girls but I’m so much more. I’m  damn good at doing makeup, a fashion fanatic, a person who loves to cook, I would do anything for anyone I love. I am Elizabeth Ortiz, the girl who has overcome so much bullshit, a trooper and a fighter!!

Ultimately I knew I wanted to do a blog but at the time, but I was so reluctant to start one because A) the first one I started was a hot mess and B) I had no self-confidence that I could produce something that anyone would want to read. “I’m a 28 year old mother of 3 little girls, who doesn’t own a home, isn’t married and lives paycheck to paycheck. Who on Gods green earth would ever want to read anything I have to write?” Just like that folks I put the blog thing on hold and wallowed in my sorrow. Self doubt is a powerful thing.

It took me a year to get back on the horse. To get confident enough to say ” Girl, you go this, you have so much to bring to the table. SO many stories of success and failure that you could share and help people through tough times. What the hell do you have to lose?” Not a damn thing. I don’t have a damn thing to lose and everything to gain from my blog.

For about a month before I started my blog, I started to tell myself things like ” Your amazing, you can do anything you set your mind to. GO out there and kill it girl! You can and you will make a successful blog and help others along the way!” I lived it, I breathed it and I BELIEVED it! You need to believe that YOU can do whatever it is that you set your mind too. You need to pump yourself up everyday, live everyday like its Friday! Believe in yourself, don’t falter under tough situations. If you fall pick yourself back up and move forward. If you need to cry, DO IT! Crying is not a sign of weakness to me. To me its all the stress leaving you body. When your done you start over. Its really all about how you look at yourself. If you respect and believe in yourself so will people around you!

This song right here, you need to download to  your phone. Make a play list of kick ass songs that pump you up that give you confidence. Make this song the first one on your play list. Life has no rules. Take the road less traveled. It often leads to beautiful places!

Please if you ever feel helpless don’t. Your not. But only you can make a change in your life. You need to lace up your boots and truck through the shit to get to the best days of your life. But how do you stop thinking that way? CHANGE SOMETHING! Your house makes you stress because of the clutter? Clean It. Your room has been the same way for 15 years? Change it!

Yesterday morning I ran across the street to the local bakery/Deli to get breakfast before work. Now I work in the not so scenic part of town and the people look like the walking dead more times than not. But this morning I looked around at all the old buildings fascinated that years ago it had rich people walking the halls. Looked at the trees and embraced the color change.Stared at the crystal blue sky and thought “Today’s going to be a good day!” and so it was.

You have control of yourself and that is the most important  part to a happier you. I hope this was helpful to everyone and changes the way you look at yourself and your life.

Stay Gorgeous!!!!!!!!




Well loves, I had every intention of writing a motivational, get you off your ass, sure  fire way to have an amazing day! Three guesses on what this post isn’t about!!!
When you become a parent you soon realize that your life no longer matters, and this new living breathing bundle of joy/poop/spit-up/everything you ever wanted now takes the front seat. Most of us are willing to make any and all arrangements necessary to ensure the priority is on our baby. (If you don’t, there are many words I have for you. None of which are flattering.) Moving along.
I also know there are things that some days we just don’t want to sacrifice (but still do). My two favorites are…
1) Sleep
2) My sanity
I can’t tell you the last time I slept for 8 hours straight. Every hope that I had for sleeping past 7am was kissed goodbye years ago. Reason being, my children are still very young. Gabriella is 6, Guiliana is 3 and Graciela is 1. My hands are over flowing with, eh whats a good word. Joy. Mostly overflowing with joy. Sometimes overflowing with diapers and dirty laundry but mostly Joy! Sleeping is just not something the girls have planned into their mornings, evenings or nights. They think they can function completely fine being tired and cranky, and mom is going to have a Mary Poppin’s attitude daily. WRONG, my little gremlins WRONG!
There are days when I need to count to 10. You know so that I don’t  lose my mind on the child that thought swimming in the toilet would be an amazing idea and fun recreational activity instead of sleeping. But counting doesn’t always work. What usually happens is I’ll start counting…..
. “1,2,3”
“Mommy why are you counting?”
“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!”
As you can probably assume, counting never works. Ever. It just give my children the Que to ask a billion and one questions about why I’m counting. In turn turning me into Curella De Ville. Do I lose my mind from time to time. Yes, yes I do. Usually from my own lack of sleep. After three kids I still have yet to find out how to make them all go to sleep at the same time and stay asleep. And believe you me its not from lack of trying! From Lavender to lullabies. To making the room dark with no distractions to night lights that light upon to the ceiling. Usually Adam and I cave cuddle up with the girls until everyone goes to sleep and then place them in the correct beds. To be honest, though I joke how they don’t sleep this is usually my favorite part of the night. The cuddle sessions.

 Now Adam will tell you that before I had children I was already insane. This may in fact be true. But sometimes your children bring out Lucifer like you have never seen him. I mean he embodies a 28 year old woman in a Victoria’s Secret night gown, morning breath, with Krusty the Clown hair #iwokeuplikethis. This morning is a perfect example.
Guiliana woke up on the couch with her daddy around 5:30-5:45am. Adam has to get ready for work so I’m sure he welcomed the wake up call from Guiliana. Actually I know he welcomed it from the running around a laughing. I begin every morning by sitting Indian style surrounded by pillows and blankets meditating. So it went more or less like this….
In My Head:
“Breath in, breath out. Feel all the negativity leave your body. Inhale only amazing positive vibes. You are on a bea- what the hell is going on out there. Forget it, just stay focused. You are on a beach the water is crystal clear. You are in your happiest place. The wa- No seriously what the hell are they doing. Oh great now the dog is barking. LET ALL THE NEGATIVITY LEAVE YOUR BODY AND FOCUS! You can feel the sand on your feet so war- oh man Grace is up. What time is it? 6:00am what the f***!!!”
My alarm goes off which means meditation or whatever that was is over. Adam creeps in to surprise Grace with good morning hugs and kisses! I grab my laptop and cell and follow him out of the room where Guiliana is curled up on the coach just starting to watch Shrek! Adam gives everyone kisses and leaves for work. Gabriella wakes up soon there after and screams….
“PICTURE DAY! I’m so excited to wear my dress, and my shoes and your going to do my hair really nice and… Guiliana is in my seat on the couch that’s not fair mommy.”
And so it begins…..the girls go back and forth of who’s spot it is for I would say a good 15 minutes. I walked away with the theory ” As long as they don’t break each other they are fine.” and whoo-saaa my way to the coffee pot. I have gone with this theory for almost a year now. To let them work it out between them so that I don’t have to be a referee. Sometimes it works sometimes I have to go in there and be the big bad wolf to get it all to calm down again. More times than not the little fight is over in minutes. This one was not. It went on the whole morning with little jabs like….
” Mommy Guiliana won’t Brush her teeth.”
“Mommy Gabriella won’t put her shoes on.”
“Mommy Guiliana stole my waffle.”
“Mommy Gracie took my drink.”
All the while Grace is cranky from being up so early. Yep life of a mother right there.
I drop everyone off where they need to go. Sit in my empty car in the parking lot at my job and…… thank God for the wonderful, crazy, loud family I have. I may be sleep deprived and insane but I love my family like no other. Those girls keep me going. They keep me on my toes, keep my lungs full of air and my heart full of love. If you have children you know how crazy your kids can get you but how rewarding it is to be the mother to your wonderful bunch. Thank God (or whoever it is that you pray too) for all of the crazy that happens in your life. Embrace all of it because before you know it your kids will be grown and moving on with their life. Not that they won’t want to take you with them but they will want to take you in a different way. Love them, show them how to be a great person and let them be themselves.
Stay Gorgeous!!!



Hey all you lovely gals (and guys)!!! I’m so happy you stopped by to check me out!! I’m going to take this post to introduce myself and let you know basically what my mission ( if you choose to except it with me) is. So sit back and enjoy!!!
My name is Elizabeth. I am a 28 year old mother to THREE little girls, ages six, three and one. Who loves food, makeup and fashion! If you have children you know very well how crazy life can get. I mean your running late to work and all of a sudden someone has to pee pee, the other just threw her bottle and it is now a puddle on the floor  and the stuffed bunny named Foo Foo that has not seen the light of day in months, is now your 3 year old sole point of existence. Not finding it means you have to deal with a 20 minute melt down to end all melt downs. Which in turn makes everyone late to school, work and daycare. If you have not had days like this I envy you (and your also a big fat liar). If you don’t feel like being a hostage negotiator is an easier job at times, your doing it wrong folks! Sangria comes in great on days like these just an FYI!
But having children doesn’t mean you life isn’t crazy. Bills, school, life stacks up and shit get real sometimes. My best friend is a teacher in an elementary school, recently married and going to grad school. I surprised the girl has time to eat and shit. Let alone manage to talk to me at least once a day! Girl runs on coffee and some real good wine!!!! I get the crazy is what I’m saying!!!!
I also know what it’s like to feel helpless and alone when people are around to help you. It fucking sucks ass to feel that way. Sometimes life just really lets you down and people fall victim to the whole thing. I’m here to tell you to stop right now. No seriously stop! Look around at everything you have and be thankful. I don’t care if things seem so wrong, you have no toilet paper or you are staring at the lights (that have been shut off) thinking what the hell do I do. Believe me I have been there. I have been in spots where I looked up at the sky and said ” Is this a joke? How the hell am I going to get myself out of this?” It was in those moments (yes, I have had numerous) that I put on my big girl panties, sucked it the fuck up, grabbed some Sangria and figured it out. Sometimes things got way worse before they got better, sometimes everything fell right into place just as fast as they fell apart. But it all worked out for the BETTER! If your reading this and you feel that your life has fallen apart and there is no way out, stop thinking that way because guess what? The mind is a powerful thing. You think your life sucks, guess what, it sucks. You think life is good, I got this then take life by the balls and push forward guess what? Good things happen. I firmly believe it’s all about your mindset. For many, many, MANY years I was in the whoa is me boat. I was depressed asking “why me”. But looking back I realize only I have the power to change MY life. If your at home waiting for some one else to make you happy, that is the easiest way to be sad. Promise you that.
So back to my mission. It’s simple. To inspire everyone to live a happy life. One that YOU create for themselves and one that YOU are proud of. I want you to live your dream life. Now I’m not telling you to go spend your whole life savings on a boat to live on in the Caribbean. Unless of course that is your thing. What I am saying is do what makes you happy. You need to work a day job to support your family (HELLER, over here, that’s me!). Okay, but do what your heart yearns for in your free time. Personally, mine is doing makeup and making people feel good about themselves through makeup. (Disclaimer:: If you are going to bash how makeup covers up the ugly in people, please do me a favor and X out of my blog. Ain’t nobody have time for that kind of negativity! Makeup is too expensive to put it on for anyone other than yourself!) If you feel like you have a calling and you keep saying, “I’ll start tomorrow.” Stop and go for it NOW! What is tomorrow going to bring that right now doesn’t have? Other than another 24 hours wasted! ( This is how this blog got started by the way. I have been telling myself for a year i would do this!)
So that’s all for now babes!! I hope this gave some of you a little motivation to get off your asses and do something for you!  Please comment and let me know how you feel about this!!! Feedback is much appreciated!!! Stay Gorgeous!!!!