Chit Chat and All Of That!!!


Good Morning/Afternoon my loves! Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to have a killer week! Or just trying to make it through since daylight savings is currently kicking your ass. One day my loves it’s been one day and I’m all like give me back my life! If you have children gaining an extra  hour means

N O T H I N G!

Moving on to my weekend. Every weekend for the past few months I feel has been jam packed with all kinds of things! This year was the year of weddings. I don’t mean like one or two we had like 4 or 5. Adam and I were each in one a piece. In between all the weddings we went apple picking, Broadway shows, shopping trips, visits with friends and birthday parties. I’m telling you jam packed!!

This weekend we did go out to the movies with our middle daughter Guiliana to see Trolls! We had lunch, watched the movie and came home. The day was quite relaxing it was the coming home part that was a bit crazy but you can’t have it all right!

Trolls by the way was such a cute movie. I highly suggest everyone take their children too see it. The moral of the story is happiness is within you.  It can’ t be bought, you must create your own happiness. I think the part I loved most was the atmosphere. People were dancing in their seats, no one was shhing their kids it was just an all around good time!!

Sunday is football, all the football!!! We are HUGE football fans in my house. I mean knock down drag out, yelling at the top of your lungs, jumping for joy, crying in sadness fans. It gets pretty serious!! But that’s our relaxation time! Oh and how about those NY Giants!


So I know that everyone is wondering what the giveaway will be. I’m actually trying out a few things this week and will decide from there. It will either be something in fashion or makeup! Let me know you thoughts on things you would like me to test, review and giveaway in the comment section! If you have subscribed to Sangria Chronicles you will be the first to know!


Many of you have asked me to do YouTube on my makeup tutorials and vlogging my crazy busy life. I am happy to tell you that my YouTube channel is currently being worked on and I will start recording within the next few weeks! I project to have a video up my December! What I will say is that I have wanted to do YouTube for a very long time and honestly fear has kept me from doing it. That and the excuse that I don’t have enough time and I want to get my blog fully off the ground. Well there is no time like the present so I’m going to jump in with both feet and hope for the best! I will let everyone know when things are coming together!!

That’s all my loves! Have a fabulous day. As always STAY GORGEOUS!




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