Christmas Shopping 101


“It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year!”

 The time of year when Christmas music is on every single radio station and crazy people are as far as the eye can see. I mean really what is there not to love?

Well you you are an anxious soul like myself you have already dreaded this time of year since November 1st. Not its November 23rd and you are one of two people…

A) You have started shopping or have in mind what you need to buy for the rest of the people on your list.

B) You have not a damn clue where to start and the thought of shopping makes you want to throw up!

Hello folks, person B here! But what I will say I have a few ideas for you lovely folks that are shopping to hopefully make it easier!

Holiday Palettes/Makeup

Every year makeup brands come out with their “holiday” items. This my dear friend is going to save your life. You may even want to put it on your own Christmas list. Ulta and Sephora usually come out with a holiday box. That contains many different shades of eye shadows, blush, usually a lip stick/gloss and liners. Its a one stop shop for the makeup lover in your life!!

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Also certain brands may come out with boxes with 10 different lip glosses. Buying single lip glosses can get pricey. So having all of them in one box for one price is a steal!! They also have makeup brushes in sets too. If you are a makeup user you know how expensive the brushes get. So all of them in one spot of one price! YASS GIRL!!!!!

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You see there is no down side to this method!

Gift Cards

But its not a heart felt gift!! Okay I don’t know what is not heart felt about this gift. Its money. For anything you want. No returning, no re-gifting, no trying to put on the perfect face to mask the fact that you hate a gift! That person can get what they would like. I’m not seeing a down side. Well except one. Do not buy a gift card for a store you don’t know if the person likes or not. The last thing I want to do is go into a store I don’t like and try to find something to spend the gift card on. Just buy a Visa gift card. Promise the recipient will be more than happy with free money!


Shop Online

For those of you who do not like the long lines, at times rude people and the hustle and bustle of the giving season, online shopping is the way to go. There was a time where I thought online shopping took the fun out of Christmas shopping. I can honestly tell you, I DO NOT think that now. There is literally nothing in the world that can be more relaxing than finding all of your gifts from the comfort of your couch. Except having them delivered to your front door!!! Seriously the best!

For the MEN in our lives!

Okay so what about the men in your life. To be completely honest I have no easy go to option for that. They say buying for men is easy. I say BULL HOCKEY! Every year I’m stuck trying to think outside of the box and not buy the sports jersey that he already has in E V E R Y color. I also am trying to stick to some sort of budget because let be real, my name is not Mrs. Bill Gates. This mama is ballin’ on a budget! So then where do you start? Well I have two “go to’s” solutions to this problem.

A) Let them pick out a gift that they really want. Then you pick out something you think they would like or need. (ie: new under wear)

B) Have the theory of “you get what you get and you don’t get upset!” and call it a day.

So men, when you think you are easy to buy for. Think again you little shits. I think guys are way worse than any woman.

Wish Lists

The ingenious way to get people what they want. People make a wish list and email it to you! You then pick items you can afford off this list! Seriously, you can’t ever get a bad gift this way!

My mother in law stresses out month before the holidays about what she is going to buy people. This year I brought up this idea and I think for the most part we are going to do gift giving this way. It takes the stress out of everything in my eyes.

For the GUY reading this!!!

So my dear love. Have you already bought a gift? Is it a waffle iron? Or possibly a toaster? Or my personal favorite a new contraption for the mop. Unless otherwise told, RETURN IT. Like yesterday! We appreciate the gesture but we cook and clean all year round and buying us something else to clean up with or around really is not thoughtful. We love ya though!

Well my loves that my Gift Giving 101 for the holiday season! Hope it helps!! As always STAY GORGEOUS!!!



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