Too GLAM To Give A Damn!!!!!!

Come all makeup lovers and Sephora addicts!!!!!


This post is going to be my go to’s whenever I step foot into Sephora!!! First of all, let me just confess one thing. I, Elizabeth have a serious addiction to Sephora and makeup. I am aware of the problem and I embrace it with open arms! In my eyes makeup is a way of expressing yourself, making you feel good and building confidence! So here we go!!!!


I am not, nor do I claim to be a skin care professional. Everything that I write is this blog is my honest opinion on products I personally use. If you have skin care issues I can give you my opinion but ultimately you need to seek out a skin care professional for proper consultation. I also am not getting profit for speaking about any of these products. Its all my honest opinion folks!!!!



I am in LOVE with this facial cleanser. Purity Made Simple facial cleanser is made by Philosophy. My skin recently is super sensitive. This stuff removes every trace of makeup from the whole day  and gently cleanses leaving my skin feeling refreshed and soft. Oh, did I mention it HYDRATES too!!!! Hello people with dry skin!!!! It’s magic in a bottle!!!



Hope in a Jar, is exactly what it says. My skin is oily in place, dry in others. This stuff is god sent to me. It’s super lightweight for everyday use. It leaves your skin glowing, moisturized and refreshed. It also fills in  fine lines!! SOLD!

Makeup Primer

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Some people under rate makeup primer but if you want your makeup to stay on all day, this is what you need. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil I stumbled onto by accident. I was searching  for a primer that would hydrate my dry spots but not affect my oily patches. The girl at Sephora gave me a sample to try and I was hooked! This stuff is golden! It leaves you with a clean, hydrated canvas and blurs imperfections!!! I don’t have super oily skin but I do have places where I have build up through out the day. This primer didn’t accentuate it all.

I am a HUGE fan of Tarte, and this primer blew me away. Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12-HR Perfecting Primer GIVES ME LIFE!!!! I have never used loved a primer so much! Though I don’t have huge pores, I have been noticing that they do exist on my face and sometimes my makeup settles into my fine lines. That my friends is not a cute look. This stuff leaves my makeup looking amazing for hours and that my dears  is amazing by itself!!!


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Well Hello Gorgeous!!!!! I have search to the ends of the earth (not really but damn near close) for foundations that I can be proud of. These my gorgeous sugar plums are it! I do not have a lot of imperfections on my skin (knocking on all the wood I can find!). So I’m always looking for foundations with sheer coverage. I also am not a fan of the caked on look. (which girl, you should not be a fan of either because it is not. cute.) These two hit the nail on its head.

So lets talk about the Stila Stay All Day Foundation Stila is a brand I have never really used. to be honest their foundation sets on my skin in the most unflattering way. But this, this and all of this stuff PLEASE!  Super sheer, doesn’t settle too bad (it does settle, but not enough for me to curse it to hell!) and stays on all day!!!.

If you follow makeup just a little bit you would have heard the rants and raves over Urban Decay’s All Nighter  Liquid Foundation. That foundation is FULL COVERAGE!! It’s the best full coverage I’ve ever used. But equally great is the foundation in the right hand picture!!! Urban Decay Naked Skin One&Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector This bad boy is amazing for me. It blurs imperfections you may have on your skin and its super light weight!!!



Well hello perfection in a bottle!!! I love everything about this concealer. From the packaging to the product inside. This Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer is amazing. It covers up imperfections without looking like you have loads of makeup on which is a super plus! It also stays  put all day long. Lastly this concealer is super easy to apply and blend!!! Winner Winner!!!


Ladies, Godessess and Girl Bosses, may I introduce the eye shadow palette that give me life. Anastasia Beverly Hill Modern Renaissance Palette. God was looking down on all woman when he gave this to us. In all seriousness, this palette is so pigmented, easy to blend out and so worth the money!! Ever since I got this palette I have not been able to put it down.  My suggestion is open a new browser window and order this, like yesterday!



Well if your in search of a new mascara, please look no further. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara This mascara is DRAMA all the way. It grabs each lash, extends it, makes it the blackest black you could ever imagine!! Simply amazing!!!

Eye Liner


This eyeliner is the “drug store” brand but sometimes high end isn’t the best and this liquid liner proves that. I’m a sucker for eye liner like this. For me I have more control and it gives you the black solid line. With this your line goes on seamlessly and with ease!!!!



So if you have not been introduced to Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer (picture on the left) there she is!!! This brow pencil (if you will) has changed my brows for the better. The brow definer goes on nicely, blends our even better and lasts all day with its counter part, the Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow Gel. If you want your brows to stay put all day, this is what you need!!!


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Well here is more drug store products. First of all if you know me, you know I love bronzer! Well one day I was watching a Youtube video by Kathleen Lights (if you don’t know who she is, you need to click her link and take a gander. She’s amazing!) Anyways she had this and she spoke so highly of it. Now when Kahtleen Lights speaks highly of a makeup product you immediately run out and get it!!! This what I did and I’ so pleased with it!! Bonus- it smells like you just landed on a tropical island. Like I ope this and I feel like someone should be at the ready with a Pina Colada.

The blush on the right works on so many skin tones and I think that is the reason I like it. Like most I get darker in the summer and paper white in the winter. It works on both of those skin tons beautifully!!!!!



This contour kit has been on the market for quite some time now and I will never get sick of. Other come and go but this is my ride or die!  Anastasia Beverly Hill Contour Kit. I first saw this on YouTube on Jaclyn Hills page! Jaclyn Hill is amazing and I honestly have used a lot of her makeup techniques on myself for about 3-4 years now. When she spoke about this contour kit I knew I needed it. If you dont contour or are just starting my suggestion is you get this. Super easy to blend with gorgeous results!!!



These are hands down my favorite lip products at the moment. Tarte has created Tarteist Lip Paint. A matte moussey liquid lipsticks and boy are they amazing!!! They go on your lips s nicely and stay for a significant amount of time. The only thing I will say is if you place them to much on the inside of your lips you get that white ring so many of us hate so just be mindful!!

Setting Spray


Last, but certainly not least is this Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. Just mist, or drench yourself in this loveliness and you can expect your makeup to stay put forever!!! I love this stuff. Its refreshing and the perfect finishing touch!!

Finally, that’s all she wrote folks!! I hope you enjoyed this and as always, STAY GORGEOUS!!!!



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