Makeup for Beginners


Do you ever walk in to Sephora, Ulta or the drug store, look at all the makeup and freak! You have no idea what to buy and then look at the price and have a mini heart attack? Have no fear my dear, I’m going to break it down for ya!

So many people have asked me over the years how I learned how to do my makeup. Well, for starters it took tons and tons of practice! I would put on a full face of makeup just to learn how to do a certain style I liked and then wash it off and try something else. I spent hours in my bathroom throughout high school. Makeup has always made me feel good, it’s my passion.

Okay so first things first. Every artist needs great tools. Brushes are the most important part of doing makeup. If you have the right brushes, for the most part the product can be almost anything. There are literally a millions brushes to chose from. So which ones do you need?

Brushes 101


To be completely honest, your best bet for beginners is to buy a brush set. The ELF brush set is drugstore price but are really great. As you get more familiar with brushes you can buy brushes that you need. The best brushes that I own are from Morphe. The are reasonably priced and work like high end brushes would. They also sell brush sets for reasonable prices!


When I first started doing my makeup I spent so much money in the drugstore. Usually it was on things that ended up not working they way I wanted them to. Here are two things that work amazing and for beginners they are perfect.


On the left is The Nudes palette by . Super easy to use, has a lot of colors to choose from and nothing to “drama” that beginners can’t handle!! Also at a super reasonable price!! On the right is the Urban Decay Naked Palette. You can find this at Sephora or Ulta. This palette is higher end but I love it. The colors are super pigmented and blend out nicely. Definitely worth the money! This palette comes with the perfect brush for the eye shadows.


 Now, when buying a foundation rule number 1 is that you buy a color that matches your neck. So you may have a face that stark white, but you neck is tanner you go with the darker color. This is so that everything flows seamlessly on your face. You don’t want to look “two-toned”, that’s not a cute look. So where should you start??


To be honest, I have found that with the right tools, the kind of foundation doesn’t really matter.It comes down to preference at that point. These two are just my favorite. Left True Match by L’Oreal and Stay All Day Foundation by Stila.

So those are the most important aspects to your face that may be difficult to figure out as a beginner. Blush and bronze is pretty easy and lips are what you love.

But where do you get technique, where do you learn how to apply. Well you go go to school and learn how to apply make up is you wanted to make a serious career out of it. Even if you didn’t you could still attend, but they are quite pricey! But I also used YouTube.

YouTubers like Jaclyn Hill, Manny MUA, KathleenLights, Nicole Guerriero among so many other helped me with alot. These guys and gals are super fun to watch and walk you through makeup tutorials as well as information about the best products out there. Go check each one of them out and I promise it will help. No to mention they are great entertainment!

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