Monday Morning Mantra, Winner Reveal and My Crazy Weekend!


Good Morning babes! I hope this posts reaches everyone well!!

My weekend was a bit crazy! It started on Friday as I took a mental health day. Ya know a day where you can relax, do nothing and binge watch Friends while shoving enormous amounts of popcorn in your face! Usually these days, for me at least never go as planned. But this one my friends absolutely did! #mommywin

Until 7pm when I went to go drop off my oldest daughter Gabriella to her father’s about 40 minutes away from me. Now before I get started with this story I am going to tell you one thing. I can not and will not leave any animal on the side of the road, EVER. I have never been that person and this quality has gotten me in some shit over the years. This time is no different!

Anyways, as I am driving down a super busy road there are cars flashing for over a mile. In my head I’m thinking wow there must be a lot of cops or a lot of deer. Well I was wrong, there was a white pit bull who looked hurt on her right side running in and out of traffic. I pull over open my door and she runs over to my car and jumps right in.

Now just a back story. A friend on Facebook needs to place her 2 dogs into a nice home. Well my hand goes up way high as the person to adopt these gorgeous babes! Then I sit my ass right down after my boyfriend tells me no more dogs! (we already have a dog named Bailey!!)

So now what do I do now that I have this dog?? Well panic obviously! I can’t leave her on the road and I can’t take her home. No one I know can take her either so I resort to Facebook for help! No one can help. So the night goes on. Adam is mad at me, my own dog is mad at me, oh yeah then I realize the pit bull who I named Lady for the time she was with us is not spayed. My dog is not spayed, and she is in heat. SHOOT ME IN THE FACE RIGHT NOW!

When it’s time to go to sleep I make a bed for Lady in my room put my Bailey in the kitchen, Adam sleeps on the couch and the girls in their beds. All is well right?? NOPE! At to 2 am I wake up to realize Lady has FLEAS! I again panic and rush her to the tub and proceed to give her a flea bath and take the flea comb to her. Now, before I knew she has fleas Adam had said…

” Liz this dog probably has fleas! You have no idea what she has she needs to be gone!”

And now I have just proven him right. Wonderful. After her bath I look at Facebook and someone claims the dog is theirs! Oh praise the lord! That turns out to be a quick fail but not before I drive to this person at 2 am for them to tell me that Lady is not theirs. The woman was lucky she was still standing.

The next morning the dog warden called me to pick her up and so did a foster home. So I dropped the dog off and went with my best friend, her husband and mother to go see Jersey Boys on Broadway!!!

If you have not seen Jersey Boys, you need to! It is probably in my top 3 shows I have ever seen!! It was a fantastic day of day drinking, site seeing and show watching!! Jersey Boys will be gone as of January 24, 2017 so get your tickets now my friends. I promise you will not be disappointed!




Thank you everyone!! Don’t forget there is a giveaway every month! I will announce the next giveaway next week. Please do not be discouraged! I have so much more in store!!! The next giveaway will be announced next week.

Monday Mantra


 So your carrying around all kinds of guilt? I think everyone does at some point in life. There are so many things throughout the years that I wish I could change. So many things that I feel guilty for to this day. But the fact of the matter is that I can’t change anything now that happened 1,3 or 10 years ago. There is going to be so many times in your life time that you could of gone about things differently. Life is basically a trial and error kind of deal. You live, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and do better the next time around. Don’t beat yourself up over things. You are human.

As a parent I can tell you, it is the hardest job on the planet. You will make more mistakes then you can ever imagine. Most of the time you will feel like you are failing. I know I do. But in retrospect you aren’t. You are killing the parenting game and being overly hard on yourself. So stop that nonsense. At the end of the day all that matters is that you are a good person, who has good intentions. If things go wrong it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes its for bigger and better thing to come together. You just gotta have faith!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!  STAY GORGEOUS my loves!




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