When Negative Nancy takes over.

Hey Babes and Happy HUMP Day!! Hope everyone is surviving the week the best way they can. If your not I have come to give you your half way through the week inspiration.


Okay, so we all know someone who is a Negative Nancy. They may not at all be a bad person, but these people tend to see the bad in every situation. Sometimes it gets to be to draining on people.

I personally know someone like that and I have had to put some distance between us. It’s not that I don’t like them, my brain just needs some time away. But time away is not going to solve the problem right. You need to be proactive without being rude.

Now though people like this can be so damn frustrating, and yes there are times when I wanna be like…

“Girl, you need to find a hobby, find a boyfriend, get laid. Just get the hell away from me with your draining self.”

But in all actuality that’s not anyway to treat anyone. Hurting someone is no way to deal with a person that A) may not have any idea that they are being the Negative Nancy and B) may have done this there whole life and this is how they relate to people. Is it a good thing, well no but its a behavior they have learned and they need to know with you, that not how it’s going to go down.

To be frank with everyone, I have been the Negative Nancy in my own group of friends. Yep, that was me. And as someone who was the cause of anxiety for so many people because of my negative attitude I had to look deep down on how to change it around for the better. So where does one start? How do you change the negative behavior and way of thinking. Well first you need to come up with why you feel so negative about everything. For me I was unhappy with the life I was living. I had planned my life out and things were not going as planned. Well shocker, life didn’t go as I planned it! I mean really whose does?

(to those of you that are thinking, well mine did. Take a seat, or many seats this post is not for you!)


So I started changing things in my life I was not happy with. I started off with my diet. Believe it or not that is a huge factor. Junk food slows your ass down. Literally. You are unhealthy, you gain weight, your tired from all the nasty things you are eating and water seems to be just something you shower in and don’t consume. That’s a problem folks. But how do you change your diet. I had to research. It sounds crazy I know but I honestly had never been on a diet prior. With no idea of where to start I took to the internet and got advice from people who were physically fit. The end result was me joining Beach Body, working out everyday and eating healthier then I ever had before.

(Rule of thumb for those who don’t want to work out. It’s an 80-20 rule. 80% what you eat, 20% working out. Keep that in mind)

Next I changed the way I looked at situations day to day. I tend to make situations a lot bigger then they actually need to be. Look at the situation. If it not going to matter 5 years from now don’t spent 5 minutes worrying about it. Stressing over things out of your control is also not something to focus on. If you personally can not fix it, LET IT GO!

When I started to look at my life as something that I was in control of, things started to change. Be in control. Every situation can’t be controlled but how you react to the situation certainly can. Breath. It’s the best advice I can give!

So now the problem isn’t that you are the negative person. It’s Captain Complainer over in the corner mad that the water cooler doesn’t make the water cold enough. Now what do you do? Well my dear start with a clear head. You need to be in the right frame of mind to help someone like this. That means your not going to beat this person with the sarcastic stick.

Okay, now lay on the positivity. I have said it over and over. The vibes you throw out into the universe are felt by all in your path. So the best way to combat someone who is negative is to show them the positive in the situation. So they say…

” Yeah it is a nice day out. But winter is coming soon and that is horrible. Ugh!”

Your response could be…

” I know the cold sucks, but the snow does look pretty that time of year! And winter fashion! You love your boots!”

If all goes well, she will then focus on how cute her boots are going to look in the 15 feet  of snow and suddenly winter isn’t as bad as it was 10 seconds ago.

What I have learned is coming back with a positive comment every time seems to change the tone of the conversation quite fast. Because not only do people pick up on the negative the also are more likely to pick up on the positive. People like to be around other people that are going to help them be a better person. Even if they don’t realize it.

Lastly, if you have not noticed I am a huge fan of inspirational quotes. Put them every where. Sound silly?? Not really. People that tend to look at something positive or even something they want to achieve on a daily basis, tend to achieve their goals or change their way of thinking over time. Proven fact, promise! This is not saying you don’t have to work hard for the things you want but you my friend, you be the push in the positive direction that person needs. Be helpful, be understanding, be kind. You never know what this other person is going through. Help them through it. Help them see the positive in life. Sometimes that is really all a person needs.

Stay Gorgeous






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