New Year, New Me. Sort Of….


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season over the past couple weeks! I love this time of year so much but to be honest I’m kinda happy its over. This girl can only handle the hustle and bustle of the season for so long! My house has one more holiday ( Three King’s Day) Then we can call it quits till next year!

I’m positive most of you have seen the “New Year, New Me!” post all over social media by either family or friends. Some of you are probably thinking ” I call BULLSHIT! You aren’t changing a thing. Have a seat.” I know I was. I saw the cycle before not just in other people, but in myself.

The first week of your New Years resolution would go great. You would work out, limit social media, eat healthy(or whatever your goal was) and things would be going great. Second week still going strong. Third week was the “holy crap I cant believe its been three weeks” epiphany. Forth week was some sort of set back. Your in a rush and all of a sudden your driving though a parking lot, rolling down your window to the response of “Welcome to McDonald’s can I take your order?”  A week after that your waste deep in ice cream cake wondering what went wrong!

We all have been there at one point or another. Were human. But to be honest how realistic is a goal like that. A YEAR goal that you will do every. single. day. I racked by brain with this one guys because I believe highly in growing and having great goals to strive for. So I figured why make your “New Years Resolution” a year goal. Why not break it down into a many goal throughout the year?

Here’s  what I mean. If your goal is to start a blog, make that your year goal. But in the mean time break it down a bit more, create monthly, realistic goals. For example if your goal is to start a blog, goal one needs to be to start the blog. Sounds obvious but the hard part for most people is the getting started part. Someone could say this year I’ll start a blog and then start one December of that year. Well what good did that do? Did you learn and grow by reaching your goal? Did it make you a better person? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say nope.

But what if you approached it in this manner.

*January: find a hosting site,name and topic that you are interested to create blog.

*February: Write one post every week, join Facebook blogging groups to gain experience and advice.

*March-May: Perfect you writing, find affiliates, join groups to bring in traffic to your blog.

*June-July: Boost writing posts, get into a schedule to make posting more efficient.

*August-December: Find collaborators to guest on your blog, make sure you are putting yourself out there to boost traffic, try to write reviews for other blog for extra money.

You see! Inside one goal are other small goals. It keep you on your toes and doesn’t dull the original goal. At the end of the year not only have you completed your original goal but you have also grew, learned and pushed yourself. If you don’t grow, push yourself and learn what is the point of living and have really lived. Life is all about becoming better and living the best life you can live. For you!

I encourage all of you DREAM BIG and WORK HARD! Push yourself to your goals, don’t take no for an answer but make it realistic for you to prevent not reaching your goal. Failing is okay as long as you pick yourself up and try harder next time, grow the next time and learn from your mistakes the next time. Your a bad ass!!

Stay Gorgeous!!




2 thoughts on “New Year, New Me. Sort Of….

  1. While setting the goals is a no-brainer, executing on them is the real challenge. Awesome tip to executing on our goals! Breaking them down into measurable portions keeps us on our toes and we learn so much from them – completely agree!

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