FALL in love with Fashion!

Hello Loves! Hope everyone had a great week! I changed up the blog schedule. But I promise it was worth it!

If any of you live on the east coast you are fully aware that it is FALL! The leaves are changing, the smell of pumpkin is everywhere (seriously everywhere!), all the girls are going apple picking and forcing their boyfriends to go with them, ya know love is in the air all. I love fall! But not for all the fall things I just mentioned! I love it for the fashion!

Let’s start from the bottom up shall we. BOOTS!

Boots are probably my favorite part of this fall season. But not just any kind of boot…..

1d5b6acd46be69929a391bbdd87fe576 b5f76af573c22d713390d84f138d7a49 landscape-1445995117-overe-the-knee-boots

……these over the knee boot give me life!!!! When I first saw boots like this I really didn’t know what to think about them. I thought they would constrict the movement in my legs and all but NOPE not at all! These boot can be paired with a pair of skinny jeans and a cute top, or even a T-shirt. You can also pair them with dresses and skirts and look killer!!

If you have long leg like I do these bad boys are going to make them look gorgeous!!! If you are a bit vertically challenged your going to want to buy boots the end right above your knees.


For all of you lovely ladies ballin’ on a budget, Forever21 has great over the knee boots and a very affordable price. They are gorgeous too!!

My next favorite thing in the fall are jackets, all kinds!!!

jacket-1 jacket-5 jacket-8

Not only do jackets keep you snug and warm on colder fall days, but they can make an outfit as well. A great jacket can take your low key jeans and t-shirt look to the next level! AND it can also take that little black dress or pencil skirt and kick it up a notch! So many ways to rock a jacket and I love them all ladies!!!

jacket-2 jacket-3 jacket-7 jackey-7

Now fall in New York get so windy some days! So to keep you warm one might wear a scarf. If you don’t , you really have no idea what you have missing from your wardrobe! For as long as I can remember my older cousin has owned scarfs. So I owe my love for scarfs (and fashion) to her.

scarfs-2 scarfs-5 scarfs-4

I am a sucker for plaid anything when it comes to fall! I think it just goes with the season!!! There are also a million and one ways to wear a scarf on your neck. Mimi Ikonn is a YouTuber and I love her video on different ways to wear a scarf!

scarfs-6 scarf-1 scarfs-3

Scarfs are amazing and can go with anything you wear. Weather it’s to keep you warm or just be stylish your sure to rock when you wear them!

Jeans and leggings are probably my favorite things to wear in the fall. Jeans can be dressed up or down and leggings are just so damn comfortable!

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I love darker wash holey jeans! My mother always used to think I was crazy because the amount of money I spent on jeans with holes in the knees!! All in the name of fashion mother. Though I love leggings lets not forget you can quickly get the  “homeless” look if you aren’t careful! Those two look above are my favorite ways to wear leggings.

Last, and certainly under estimated where I am from are ponchos! My mother used to try to put these on me when I was younger. I fussed and thought I look ridiculous and now I can not get enough of them during the fall season. 6952349f0616bbe82895a7172cf275a1 4345fe87a78df3ecf22ffdd709867c65 fce1bf8419853141357f7af162d42f28

Seriously you can wear them with anything and look great! The are super durable too. Personally, I find the best ones at American Eagle but I have seen them every where.

Well loves that all for now. So grab your fall attire, Starbucks latte and rock it this fall season!




Living with mental illness


This subject falls so close to home. Starting with me. Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I have a mental illness. Looking right at me you would think that I have my shit together. Because frankly at the age of 28 we should all have our shit together, right? Or should we still be in limbo as to what we are going to do with our lives. I mean so many people around me have careers. They have graduated college, they are married with children. In that order. They are living on top of the world and their lives are amazing on every level.

Well here I sit with no college degree, 3 children and unmarried. In that order. My live is worthless. I’m worthless. But buck up sister, put on a smile and show the world how great life really is.

That my loves is the anxious and depressed Elizabeth that surfaces from time to time. No matter how hard I try to control it, I have panic attacks and sometimes they are so bad that I feel like I’m dying. I mean what I think dying would feel like. Some days I struggle to get out of bed and continue my mommy duties. Others I jump right out of bed and embrace the day. I’m on point and no one can dull my sparkle.

Here’s the thing though. Even though I am the one with mental illness, I live with 4 other people that are affected by it. No, none of them have mental illness but all of them live with me which when I am bad is a huge task in itself. Living with people that have mental illness can be super challenging. Sometimes to the point where people leave relationship from lack of understanding. Other times it’s because the person without the mental illness realizes that the person they love have to much baggage. So they run as fast and as far as they possibly can.

Can you blame them? Waking up everyday next to a person that has mood swings or anxiety so bad you don’t know if your going to get Dr.Jeckle or Mr.Hyde. Most times when I’m like that I can’t handle myself, I can’t imagine being someone on the outside not knowing what to do or say to make things better. I’m sure they feel a form of helplessness that turns into depression over time. So instead of feeling that way they leave.

So by now your probably thinking this post is how to help people with mental illness cope. Well you would be wrong my dear. This post is to help people with mental illness, help others in their life without mental illness cope with you. Yep, because even though you have the issue, let be real. You push your issue on to them without knowing or realizing it. I am by no means saying this is your fault or your a bad person. But what everyone need to realize is that people loving other people with mental illness need to know what to do or not to do when your in crisis. If not there isn’t a chance in hell the relationship no matter what kind will survive. Won’t happen, no chance.

The first step is to let that person know, whoever her or she maybe that you have a mental illness. Scary I know. Letting people into your circle not knowing how they will react or better yet how you will react to their reaction. I have done this in all the wrong ways. I have cried and screamed that I am anxious and depressed. Followed up with ” YOU NEVER UNDERSTAND ME!” Well duh genius. You never explained to them what to do to help you. My suggestion is to sit the person down, when you are not depressed or anxious and explain to them what that looks like in you. Let them know how you feel when your like this and what you do.

Personally, I cry. Over every. little. thing. I mean I could spill my glass of milk and I’m grabbing a life preserver to survive the flood of tears. Seriously guys, it’s that intense. So many people react different ways. From getting visibly upset to becoming an introvert and not wanting to talk to anyone at all. Voice all of it. Because if you are usually a happy go lucky person and all of a sudden your acting like someone stole your cookie, people need to know it’s not them its you. I mean unless it is them. If that’s the case…..TELL THEM! You are saving no one if you don’t voice your feelings. Weather it be in the moment or later after the moment has gone. Either way do it.

So now they know you have a mental illness and what you look like when your having an off day. The next step is to tell them how to help you or what not to do when you are having a tough time. Some people panic and want to cuddle you to calm you down. With me that is exactly what I need. I need the reassurance that everything will be fine and hugs and snuggles does that. But there are other people that do not under any circumstances what to be touched. They need to be left alone to work through it themselves. Both ways are perfectly fine coping skills.

I am a loving person and I like to show that. Many people are. So if you need time to yourself without touching I personally need to know that or I automatically think I did something wrong. I have known people who thought their significant other was cheating because all of a sudden they don’t want them to touch them. Which causes a whole set of new issues. I mean in some cases that was the problem but usually its not.

Lastly, understand that you have a mental illness. This is not your fault but it is something you need to deal with. That means seeking help if needed, take medication if you chose. Don’t let others let you feel less than because you struggle from time to time. You are not crazy. You are coping with shit other would drown under if the seats were reversed. But you are stronger than the mental illness, you can rise above and prove you are amazing everyday of the week. Never forget how important you truly are. Let no one dull that sparkle. And along the way teach others what they may not know about mental illness to make it less taboo. Don’t let it define you, for you are far better then a textbook diagnosis.


Stay Gorgeous!!




Happy Monday beautiful people! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!! This past weekend Adam and I did so much cleaning and reorganizing of our house its insane! I never ever want to go to the dump again in my life. But even though I didn’t necessarily like the process of cleaning and making a billion trips to the dump, it feels amazing to get rid of all the crap and create a home that is our sanctuary. We are far from done, but it is awesome what we accomplished so far!

In between all the crazy, I did sit down and try and figure out how I could make Sangria Chronicles better. I started my blog on a whim. I really had no idea on what the hell I was going I just wanted to encourage other woman. Encourage other woman to be amazing and go out an conquer dreams they would otherwise push to the wayside. Never in a million did I think I would reach as many people as I have.

Never settle when things look good. Always strive to the best. In my case it means work smarter not harder.

Okay so on to the good stuff. There is going to the good stuff that everyone has been waiting and asking about! GIVEAWAYS for the month of October!


Everyone say hello to the face masks I live for!! Leaders face masks make me feel whole again. I’m going to do a post on all of these bad boys next week!! But if you want in on these bad boys please SUBSCRIBE and share this!!!! There will be 3 different masks in the giveaway.

As always STAY GORGEOUS!!!



Let The Jeans Go Girls!!!


Hello Ladies, I hope everyone is having a great day!

I was reading this book and she brought up jeans so I have a question for ya! Does anyone have a pair of jeans in their closet that will never ever fit them again? But you still own them with the hope one day they will fit?? Well I am currently staring at a pair of size ZERO Abercrombie and Fitch jeans. They are a light wash with massive holes in the knees. These bad boys were my favorite jeans!

Now I am a 5’9 and wear size 4 jeans. About 8 years ago I was a size ZERO. For a week. You see I tried these bad boys on when I didn’t have anything to eat. Ya know  typical 20 year old thinking I was fat when I clearly was not. I mean looking back home girl should of had a donut, or 15. But back then I was just starting modeling and I was completely convinced that I needed to be a zero.

Well soon after buying these crazy expensive, completely ridiculous pair of jean I found out I was pregnant. So sadly I retired the jeans and told myself I’d get back down to that size and rock the shit out of them once again. HA! That was far from the truth! About 4 months after having my daughter, I stood in front of my floor length mirror waiting for the TA-DA moment in my jeans. Yeah I was lucky to get them over my thighs! I remember sitting in front of my mirror defeated by a pair of jeans! But I refused to get rid of them.

Three years later, after having my second daughter I grabbed the jeans. Took them out of the closet and placed them on the wall. An extra motivation to loose my baby weight. When I thought I lost all the weight I did the big reveal AGAIN. This time not able to get over my calf’s. Oh I cursed to high heaven this time!

Remember later that year I was giving away clothes to my sister-in-law’s family who had lost everything in a fire. Adam come across these jeans hanging on the wall.

“What about those? They look like they need a new home.””

I gave him the look of death and snarled. He knew they would never fit, he also knew that I was holding onto some sort of fantasy that I would be able to squeeze my not so tiny ass into them ever again. But I was completely convinced that I could starve myself just enough to fit into these god forsaken jeans.

Wait, what? Starve? Why the hell would anyone want to do that to fit into a pair of jeans?? To fit into an image that may not be realistic for them? Well yeah, at that point in time I was not skinny enough to walk the runway but in all actuality did I really even want to do that? Could I handle the demand of being a model? Did I really want my girls to step on a scale and use that number they see as a form of validation as a woman. No I didn’t! So why the hell am I still holding on to these damn jeans! Because I was not comfortable with myself, that’s why. These jeans had some form of hold on my 20 year old soul that I desperately wanted back.

I came to the realization that I had unresolved issues inside of myself. The jeans were from  a time in my life where I could do what I wanted and had control over my body. I no longer could do what I wanted let alone had control over my life. I had 2 children at the age of 25, I was not married or even close to being engaged and I had not finished college. The last time I wore those jeans I had plans. Plans that clearly were not fulfilled and I felt that I had failed like at the age of 26.

WHAT?!?! Girl get the hell out of you own way! You are 26 years old and as far as I can see your doing pretty damn good. I mean you may feel like life is falling apart but really is it? Did you have a bad day, or did you have a bad 5 minutes and milk it for the whole day?? Oh I milked it all right. For 4 years!

If you are in a situation where you feel that the jeans in your closet are a time portal back to a better time, throw them the hell out right now! No really I mean this, there is no way that you could ever be happy in the present if you are still dwelling on your life when you were 18 years old and “adulting” wasn’t part of your daily routine. My mother has always said to me…

“Elizabeth, if you can not forgive things that have happened in the past. You need to leave it behind and move forward instead of holding onto the hurt. There is no point in bringing up a time that you can’t change now.”

What a smart mama I have and I didn’t realize that until recently. If you are in control of your life but you still feel the need to be in a relationship that was over 5 years ago due to whatever issues, but you keep bringing up issues from 5 years ago, you need to leave. Clearly you are not over what ever the problem was and living it out everyday isn’t healthy. The first step is realizing what is best for you.

Through out the years, I have realized that if I’m not okay mentally, physically and emotionally there is no way on God’s green earth I can be a solid foundation for my family. If you are a mother you know how much of you your family needs. So here is my advice, from experience and learning to get over the bullshit and living the most fulfilling life now, right here in the present.

Let’s try something.Write down (yes grab a piece of paper) all the things you are thankful for. It is proven, yes proven that keeping a “gratitude journal” creates happier people! Two psychologists, Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis, and Dr. Michael E. McCullough of the University of Miami have proven this.  So basically so buy a pretty journal and get to work!

Okay so one last thing! What has helped me most through the times where I felt that I didn’t have enough woman in me to go on is Cara Awill Leyba. She is the writer of the Champagne Diet, Sparkle, Girl Code just to name a few. You need to get acquainted with her because her books, her advice and her woman empowerment is something no woman can do without. She has completely changed the way I look at life and how I approach things in my life. Buy her audible book and listen to it on the way to work for extra boost in the morning! It will change your whole day I promise you!


Well Babes that’s all!!! STAY GORGEOUS!!



When Life Gives You Apples, Make Mimosas!!!!


Well my loves, it has been a hell of a day. I felt so discouraged by events that had taken place with my blog and just over all defeated. But as the saying goes……..


So here I am pushing through all the none sense and all the feelings that are telling me to quit! I will kick some serious ass and push through!

But moving on, let the next installment of APPLE WEEK commence!



  • Apple Cider
  • Champagne
  • Brown Sugar

This probably the easiest thing to make and why I have no thought of this sooner is beyond me! So just grab a glass you want to make your mimosa in. Put some water on plate. In a different plate put some brown sugar.

Turn the cup upside down and place the brim of the cup in the water and then directly into the brown sugar. You should have a nice coat of brown sugar all around the brim.

Now that you feel like you could work as a bar tender lets get to the good stuff! Pour half the glass with Apple Cider, then top the rest of the glass off with champagne!

Garnish with an apple slice!

That’s all dolls! It’s hump day so go enjoy this loveliness to get you through the week! STAY GORGEOUS!!




Cinnamon Sugar Apple Rings


As promised my loves, the start of Apple Week!!!!!!!!!

So above is probably the best thing I ever ate. These apple rings are made with Gala Apples, dipped in batter, fried to perfection and rolled in cinnamon and sugar. YASS HONEY, it doesn’t get much better than this!!


3-4 Gala Apples

1 Cup Flour

2 Tbsp Sugar

1/4 Tsp Apple Pie Seasoning

1/4 Tsp Baking Powder

1/4 Tsp Salt

1 Egg

1 Cup Buttermilk

Vegetable Oil (for frying)


1/2 Cup Sugar

2 Tsp Cinnamon

1)Okay so start you are going to want to cut the apples length wise and remove the inside. Essentially making them look like donuts.After that is done pat the apples dry of all excess water or juices.

2)Combine flour, sugar, apple pie seasoning, baking powder and salt in one bowl. Mix everything together. In a separate bowl combine the egg and buttermilk. When the egg and buttermilk are combined then mix in with dry ingredients.

** Quick fact that I did not know. They sell buttermilk in powder form. My mother in law keeps it in her freezer. Find this and buy it. Buttermilk is not something you use everyday. Having this on hand is a life saver and saves you money. It also takes exactly the same as regular buttermilk**

3)Put vegetable oil in a pan and heat up to 350 degrees. When oil is hot enough dip apples in batter and place in oil. Keep and eye on them as they can brown fairly quickly. After browned place into cinnamon sugar topping and place on drying rack.

4) Eat while hot.

That’s all babes. Super easy and amazing! You can use any kind of apples you want really. But I find that Gala Apples soften up so nicely when fried. They melt in your mouth as you eat them and its like heaven on earth!


Also If you do not have Apple Pie Seasoning just use cinnamon. It will still be great. Hope everyone enjoys.Stay Gorgeous!



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Well I really had no intention to write another post tonight. Mostly because the NY Giants are playing right now! But I have to share this!!

Tonight I met with a woman that is nothing short of amazing. From the moment I entered the room you could  feel her vibes and how strong she felt about her mission to empower other woman. It was amazing to sit in a room with her and be able to collaborate with someone like her. (details will be coming very soon!)I’m quite blessed I must say!!

 After I got home all I could think was it’s amazing the things woman can do when they have the right motivation. Or sometimes even the wrong person in your life could fuel the most powerful fire inside of you. Be fucking amazing ladies, slay every damn day. Don’t base your life off of an image created for you. Create your own image even if its not ideal. Make a life that you are proud of! Make the courageous decision to chase your dream. NO, to create your path. 

What’s the difference between a dream and a path? I’ll tell you. A dream is a thought, a hope that one day you will achieve your goal. A path is the road you are creating. You are working towards a better you instead of just thinking it up. Instead of wanting something, you are achieving it. Maybe not all at once but slowly. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they worked everyday on it! So show this world what you are made of!

 I’m raising 3 little girls to be the best, strongest, independent girls to walk the planet. But to be honest, it’s not just me instilling this in them. Their own father is raising them right along side me with the same goal in mind. Their father was raised in a home full of boys and now is raising girls with really no idea how girls work. But what he does know is that his girls will kick ass in life, he will not sell them short in anything they do in life. Find a man like this. A man that raises up his daughters, pushes them to be their very best and doesn’t let them believe that they can’t accomplish something just because they are girls.

Don’t doubt your abilities to kick ass. Everyone starts from somewhere so don’t start thinking you can’t do something just because you don’t have the skills. Create the skills. Learn as you go. Teach yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! When I started this blog I was so afraid that no one would help me when I had questions. I’m involved in Facebook groups and to my surprise the all woman’s Facebook page gave me the most love and advice to be successful. Not all woman want you to fail and are catty. Many of them want you to shine and succeed. If you can’t find that kind of woman, BE THAT KIND OF WOMAN!


I’m so happy I wrote this and I really hope I inspire you to be amazing, strong, confident woman!!! Goodnight dolls!!! STAY GORGEOUS!!!



Apples and Giveaways


Good morning all and Happy New Year to all of my Jewish friend and followers. May this year be the best yet!!

So this weekend I spent my life baking till I could not bake anymore. Thank the good lord for my mother-in-law because she keeps me going. Whenever I decide I’m going to bake stuff she’s there to help, give direction and we deliver tons of laughs! Everyone needs a mother-in-law like I do. She’s the best!

Well this week on Sangria Chronicles, it’s all about apples! About a week ago now my friends and I went apple picking with our children. Three adults and 7, yes I said 7 children ages ranging from 8 months to 6 years old. All the applause is welcomed because hot damn was that one hell of a task! Anyways, if you have ever been apple picking with kids you know the more you get the more fun you have. My kids leave the orchard with the full apple bag we paid for plus carrying 30 in their arms while fitting one in their mouths! Yes, its that serious! But what the hell do you with all the apples when you get home! Have no fear that’s why I’m here, but we will start tomorrow!!!!!


So as promised there will be giveaways for those who have followed and subscribed to Sangria Chronicle. I will officially be announcing the giveaways on Friday! But if you follow me on any form of social media, hint will be flying away!!!  So stay tuned!!

Hope everyone has a spectacular day!! STAY GORGEOUS!!



They aren’t stretch marks, they are battle scars!



If you read any part of my blog you probably already know I have 3 children. If you don’t, HELLO, and welcome.  My name is Elizabeth and I have 3 beautiful girls ages 6,3, and 1. Over the past 6 years I have shared my body 3 times with the little gremlins that run around my house driving me nuts! But also have stolen my heart!

But let me be real for a moment. If you have children you know your body is never the same after you have kids. I mean you can’t have a surprise sneeze or its very possible your going to be standing in a puddle! Or your little bundle of joy sucks your boobs dry and you end up with deflated boobies that hang. Have no fear they have bras made to lift and shape! Problem solved!! But what about the stretch marks. Oh god lord why do we have to get stretch marks!

During my first pregnancy I had one of my friends at work check my belly everyday for stretch mark and I made it almost the whole pregnancy without them. ALMOST! The last month my stomach looked like a railroad map and my belly button was the you are here sign. Devastated was not even the word. My life was over. My once perfectly flat stomach was destroyed. I was ugly. No one would ever want me. My modeling career that I had always dreamed of having and was well on my way to achieve it before I got pregnant was out the window. Not because I had a child on the way, but because my body was gross.

After having my daughter I lost all the weight the stretch marks never went away. I would always hear “Liz they aren’t that bad at all some people have it way worse then you.” Let me tell you how much that didn’t help! It didn’t matter if they were not as bad as someone else’s. These bad boys were on me! I didn’t want them there at all.

Over the years I have tried every single remedy out there to get rid of them. Until one day I thought, What the hell is the big deal. EVERYONE has something they aren’t good with. Girl you have amazing children, a family that loves you and friends that would do anything for you!

It took 6 years, but I finally was okay that they were my battle scars. By okay I mean I busted my ass to tone my body, which flatten my stomach a little more making the stretch marks less noticeable. I  strongly believe that you have to be okay living in your own skin. I was not okay with it and I needed to change something. Even though now a days the world is saying embrace yourself flaws and all, I was not willing to embrace something I was not proud of.


That is not to say I was not happy to be a mother. I was so happy to be a mother and I still am. I believe it is the most important job in the world. Stretch marks have no bearing on how good of a mother I am. But the way I looked at my body in a negative manner was rubbing off on my then 5 year old daughter and believe it or not my 2 year old daughter. I was not about to let that happen so I changed the way I looked at my body by doing something to make myself proud of it. The amount of work I put in and the sacrifices I made were all worth it to feel great again! I worked out to feel good again!


But at the end of the day if stretch marks are the only thing I have that I’m not too proud of,I’ll take it! There is so much negative and nastiness out there in the world. So many bigger and better things to worry about. Embrace what makes you happy. If you don’t like something, change it. Be what you want to be not what other tell you!





What’s In A Name??


Hey Loves! So I hope this post reaches everyone well. Today’s post is a little bit different. So I hope you enjoy it :-)!!

So many people have been telling me that they love the name of my blog, how did I come up with it?? Well first of all, thank you. It actually was not hard to come up with the name. About 6 years ago my family and I traveled to Puerto Rico. About 99% of my family lives there so we go to visit and vacation. Personally I think it is the best place on earth. It’s gorgeous, the people are amazing, the food is amazing, the music is amazing, I love it!

Anyways, while walking down the cobblestone streets in Old San Juan my family and I stopped at a restaurant to eat. Not long after we ordered I got up to go to the bathroom. I walked  past the bar and saw a woman drinking this huge glass of alcohol filled to the brim with fruit.

On my way back from the bathroom the woman stopped me and asked me where I was from. I told her New York and we began small talk. Before I got up I asked what she was drinking. She said “Mama, It’s Sangria! It’s got fruit in it so technically its healthy! This drink makes for good times and even better stories!” She laughed and I went back to my family and ordered Sangria!


My best friend has bought me Sangria for every party we have ever been to together.( She knows I hate beer) Let me tell you there are some times we will never forget with even better people. The woman was right, good times and good stories are made with Sangria.

That’s not the only thing that goes into the name though. Puerto Rico is my happy place. It’s the place where all of my family is, the place where the food is never bad and the people are never grumpy. Everyone there shows you so much love! The beaches, oh the beaches. It is literally everything you dreamed of and more. When I’m there I feel like I’m home. When I’m there I feel complete. So in a way the name is holding on to everything I love there.

 There you have it folks!! How I created my name. I’m super proud of it! Lastly, I just want to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who has told me they are proud of me, for those who have clicked on here and commented and showed so much love. I could never thank you enough for all the support!! As always babes….. STAY GORGEOUS!!