100 In The Fast Lane

Well, that folks was a really long break, no?

You know sometimes your life falls in to pieces. You pick them back up, start to move on and then all of a sudden your struck by lightening. So you recover from that and all of a sudden you stumble into the next ditch. Which of course is harder and more difficult to climb out and recover then the trial before. Then when you think you have passed all the trouble, trials and tribulations, you hit rock bottom. You live there wondering what the hell your going to do. You feel bad for yourself. Instead of moving on, you sulk and feel like life has conspired against you.

Yep, that my dears was me. Over the past couple months I have learned hard, hard lessons on how living my life especially with the people in it could no longer go on. I was tired, I was trying to impress and make people happy. I thought that’s what I had to do to be happy.

Then the hardest lesson of all came along. Some people that come into your life have an expiration date. You don’t know who and you don’t know when but there will come a time where your realize life is going in this direction, and your not ready to come. That was the hardest lesson for me to learn. I had to learn that my life regardless of how bad or good it was, certain people just couldn’t go any further. It broke me. I didn’t know how I would go on….

But look at me know back here, writing to you lovely folks. I’m living and doing all kinds of crazy fun things to share with you. Its been a hard few months. It kicked my ass but I’m back!