Why waking up early is good for the soul!


So your not a morning person! Well be prepared to have a revelation my dear! Morning can be quite amazing and enjoyable, if you do it right. So how do you do it right? Well hold on to your panties because I’m about to tell you.
Currently it is 5:29am on a Wednesday in October. I have already been up for over an hour. OK well partially because my one year old gem woke up and I couldn’t fall back asleep. But either way up for over an hour already. So what do you do in instances like this. Most would probably turn on the T.V praying for another hour of sleep.

I get it girl! Believe me being a morning person was not always my thing either. Ask my college best friend, who would come into my room every day around 12pm asking me when exactly I was going to show my face to the world! Cher would drag me out of bed after her noon class to get me food. And to this day I swear she’s the reason I didn’t starve my first semester in college. Thanks girl!!

But there has to be a reason why I started waking up early right? Yeah there is and here they are…..

1) It’s quite.

Yeah baby speak to my soul! If you are a mommy you know the power of silence. It’s a life saving element that keeps you sane. Waking up at 5 am is the quite time of my day. I can meditate without having to worry (most of the time) about any of the four other human’s that live with me. It is the one time all day long that I am by myself, sitting with my coffee enjoying the taste instead of suckling it down like an a fiend trying find a fix. I tell you this is prime time ladies. I used to think my mother was insane for waking up at 5 am growing up. Now I  completely get her madness! Take advantage!

2) You have all the time in the world.

Well if you work it out right this is 100% true. Any other time of day I can guarantee you are rushing to finish something, go somewhere or pick up someone. At 5am who the hell needs to rush! Today I cleaned my bathroom, took a lavender bath, bathed with my energizing morning wash and currently I’m sitting in my bath robe drinking my coffee writing to you lovely folks! Waking up this early gives you the boost you need to kill the day! 


Have you ever watched the sun come up in the woods in upstate New York? No? Well my love if you do reside in New York, you are missing out on something completely beautiful. Fall in New York is gorgeous, to look at! I hate the climate changes but the turning of the leaves, the pinkish orange sky as the sun rises over the mountain’s is such an amazing sight to see. It’s relaxing really and in those moment I think ” Wow, this is the best place on earth. Even better then the…. eh no the beach is definitely better but this is a close second!” Take a moment to take it in, breath in, breath out and relax. 

4) You can get things done.

If the night before you have not finished the dishes or laundry, you can do it at this time. For me, I have anxiety if my house is in shambles. Starting off and ending in a good spot eliminates that. It also gives my children a clean canvas in the morning. By clean canvas I mean they can make a brand new mess and not pile it on top of the disaster they made the night before. Also if you work out, I suggest you do it in the morning. Working  out will wake you up and give you the energy you need for the day. It also gets it out of the way. Days can easily get crazy and before you know it’s 8 pm and you are dreading the workout that is still not done. Really there is no downside.

5) You can focus on you.

 I know I mentioned this before but I need to touch on it again! How many times a day do you really get to sit down and just focus on yourself? Take this time to just sit and focus on you. Weather it be painting your nails, taking a bath, drinking your coffee and catching up on your favorite show or working out. Just take this time for you. The first hour you are awake sets the tone for the rest of the day, so why not make it a calm and relaxing first hour. When your in a good spot everyone else you come into contact with will feel that energy!

Once waking up early becomes a habit and part of your routine, you will realize what you were missing. How great it is to enjoy the wonderful morning air and cup savor your cup of Joe!

Hope everyone enjoys there Wednesday! I also hope I inspired someone of you to take advantage of the early morning hours. As always, STAY GORGEOUS!



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